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Recently Announced

February 17 | Nutrient Retention Capacity of Newly Restored Wetlands in Southwestern Ontario 

Wetlands have been identified as natural infrastructure to help protect downstream water quality. However, wetland drainage has resulted in widespread loss of wetlands across the rural working landscape of southwestern Ontario, Canada. Bryan Page, research biologist with Ducks Unlimited Canada, will report on the first year of results investigating the nutrient retention capacity of newly restored wetlands in the Canadian portion of the Lake Erie watershed.



February 18 | C-CHANGE – Utilizing Perennial Biomass and Prairie for Renewable Natural Gas

C-CHANGE is advancing research, education, and extension to support development of a new biobased value chain that is examining production of renewable natural gas through the anaerobic digestion of biomass combined with manure. The project is leveraging successful digestion of manure business models to encompass new agricultural feedstocks, more diverse products, and increased value throughout the supply chain. This virtual field day will provide an introduction for growing perennial vegetation and prairie and how anaerobic digesters produce renewable natural gas.