There was one webinar announced during the week of October 12. For more information about recently announced field days, visit here.

Recently Announced

October 21 | Sustainable Weed Management Solutions for Iowa Corn and Soybean

During the webinar, Prashant Jha, associate professor and extension weed specialist at ISU will explain new integrated weed management strategies and how to incorporate them into current weed management plans for reduced herbicide inputs and long-term profitability and sustainability of Iowa corn and soybean production. The non-chemical tactics covered will include cover crops, reduced row spacing, and harvest weed seed control technologies for long-term management of herbicide-resistant weed seed banks.



October 20 | Incorporating Sorghum into the Iowa Crop Rotation

At the ISU Sustainable Advanced Bioeconomy Research (SABR) Farm located west of Ames, Dr. VanLoocke’s team is exploring the impacts of adding bioenergy crops like sorghum to the traditional rotation of corn and soybeans grown on most acres in Iowa. Taking a systems approach, the team is closely analyzing the carbon/nitrogen budget or mass budget of sorghum and the impacts on the soil, water and atmosphere.