There was one field day announced during the week of October 4. For more details about this field day and more, visit here.

Recently Announced 

November 20 | Cover Crops for All: Thoughts on Machinery, Management and Grazing

Learn how cover crops in corn and soybeans can work for you. Starting in the shop with lunch, Mike will share the latest results from his on-farm cover crop research — including a trial that investigates effects of different rye seeding dates and rates on rye biomass, soil health and corn yield. Jason Steele, a soil scientist with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, will present on grazing cover crops. After lunch, Mike will lead a discussion about the diverse approaches to managing cover crops, covering financial and practical aspects. We’ll then take a short walking tour to view corn and soybean fields with two years of rye. Learn more about the field day and RSVP here. RSVPs are due by November 15.