New posters required under the Worker Protection Standard (WPS) for “central posting” areas and certain decontamination sites are now available to print or purchase.

Under the WPS as revised in 2015, specific information must be available to agricultural workers and handlers working with pesticides. This information must be available at all times during  working hours. Agricultural employers usually select a readily-accessible area, perhaps where workers check in/out for the day, where they change clothes, eat, etc. To learn more about the requirements, visit the Pesticide Educational Resources Collaborative's (PERC) website. PERC is a cooperative educational program between the EPA's Office of Pesticide Programs and University of California Davis Extension, in collaboration with Oregon State University. See their central posting guide for more information. It also has a "how to comply" manual and training materials (e.g., handouts, videos).

To print English or Spanish versions of the poster, visit this link. To purchase laminated copies of the poster, visit this link.