Transitioning the family farm from one generation to another can be an emotionally-charged and complex issue. Knowing who should be at the table discussing the farm’s future and how best to approach a transition plan can be difficult for families who have never gone through such a plan.

But through the Iowa Farm Bureau’s Take Root program, farm families can get the necessary help to put a comprehensive plan in place.

Three Take Root sessions are scheduled for early 2017 in southeast, central and north-central Iowa.

Jan. 17 and 31 at the Bridgeview Center, 102 Church St. in Ottumwa.

Feb. 2 and 16 at the DMACC Campus, 600 N. 2nd Ave. in Newton.

Feb. 28 and March 14 at Ventura Community Center, 4 N. Weimer St. in Ventura.

"Take Root is more than just estate and transition planning," said Amanda Van Steenwyk, farm business development manager at the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation. "Take Root provides strategies and resources that will improve family communication, assist in navigating through the emotional obstacles, and identify the business and estate planning tools that correspond with transferring the family business to the next generation."

Since the program’s inception in 2013, more than 3,000 members have participated in Take Root workshops held throughout the state.

The Take Root program format was changed to allow families to go more in-depth with their planning. Take Root workshops are now a series of two, three-hour meetings.

The three-hour workshops take place over the course of the two events, where attendees will receive information and resources useful in developing a managed, comprehensive approach to family farm succession.

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