Whether you're part of a multi-generational family farm or you're a beginning farmer - or you're the third generation to manage a family-owned seed company - we're all living our legacies. The activities we engage in, the causes and charities that we support, as well as our values and life lessons are all part of our legacy.

It has taken four decades for me to understand all the lessons I unknowingly learned when I was either sitting at my grandfather's feet or following my dad around the seed farm. Until recently, I believed they preserved farmland and operated a successful business. What I've come to realize, however is that the generations before me were living their legacies.

My grandfather was a problem solver and demonstrated the importance of helping farmers increase yields when he retrofitted a piece of equipment to clean smut off oats. He later began selling "certified oats" seed My father was passionate about research, which led to the addition of a soybean line and even higher soybean yields. Today we work with the world's to genetics and trait providers to reach new yield levels for corn, soybeans and alfalfa. We also work with each of our farmer-customers to achieve more profit per acre with precision ag services and protect precious land resources with a line of cover crop options.

I's honored to be the third generation who has the opportunity to live off the legacy of our land. Every farmer I've met feels blessed to have been raised on a farm and to raise their family on a farm.

Just as you believe it's an honor and a privilege to preserve your family's heritage, we believe it's an honor and a privilege to work with you. We're proud to be a company with products and services that puts the best interests of farmers first, to help you continue to live your legacy.