Webinar Title: Understanding Ag Contracts: What You Need to Know
Webinar Date: Thursday, January 12
Time: 1:00 pm Central Time 
Speaker: Ed Kordick, Farmer Education Program Manager

Webinar Description:  
 In these volatile markets, setting a crop price is a difficult decision. It doesn’t need to be complicated though! Historically, early sales have been some of the best for a portion of the crop. Can you manage risk in a committed plan to price crops before harvest?

This session uses 30 years of history to help learn crop risk management with celebrity players – Grandma, Barney Binless, Terry Timer, Justin Price and others – each representing a different approach to pre-harvest marketing. Will you recognize yourself among our celebrities searching for a pre-harvest advantage? Can you take what you learn from the celebrities and customize a better plan for your individual risk management needs?

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