The Iowa Legislature last week passed a resolution to suspend the legislative session for 30 days. The passage of Senate Concurrent Resolution 102 suspends the session until April 15, but allows the Legislature to return into session before that date, or extend the suspension if the Legislature cannot come back by that date.

The Legislature also passed a bill to ensure that state government is able to continue important operations during this ever changing situation. The bill allows the governor to access 10% of the Economic Emergenc­­y Fund (EEF) to address needs arising from the coronavirus. The Legislative Council, a committee of House and Senate leadership, may also approve up to $196 million in funding from the EEF.  Additionally, the measure includes continuing appropriations for the first two months of fiscal 2021 (July and August) to ensure that the state government doesn't shut down if legislators are unable to conduct business before the end of the current fiscal year June 30. 

The bill also waived the requirement for Iowa schools to res­chedule days that have been canceled during the recommended four-week closure.