The Iowa Farm Bureau Political Action Committee (PAC) has designated Governor Kim Reynolds and Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig as a ‘Friend of Agriculture’ for the 2018 general election. Guided by grassroots input from every county Farm Bureau in the state, Governor Reynolds and Secretary Naig were selected based on support of Farm Bureau policies and commitment to Iowa’s farm families and agricultural economy. 

Candidates earn the Friend of Agriculture designation by supporting issues that directly impact Iowa’s agricultural economy, farm families, and their communities.

Governor Reynolds has a proven track record of leading the way on issues that matter to Iowa’s farm families and their communities. She championed efforts to pass historic water quality funding and provide affordable health care options for Iowans.  Governor Reynolds also signed a sweeping tax reform package with several provisions that will encourage continued economic and job growth across Iowa.   

Since his appointment, Secretary Naig has hit the ground running as a leader in the successful implementation of the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy to continue to advance water quality and soil conservation efforts, and he fully understands that agriculture, both crops and livestock, are key to growing a more prosperous Iowa.

“With one in every five Iowans employed in agriculture and ag-related industries, we must elect leaders such as Governor Reynolds and Secretary Naig, who will continue to be champions for agriculture and the hard-working Iowa families who make their living feeding and fueling the world,” said Chickasaw County farmer and IFBF PAC Chair, Cassie Hackman.  “From water quality to affordable health care, to tax reform and job growth, Governor Reynolds and Secretary Naig have earned Iowa Farm Bureau’s endorsement and we need to keep them working to make our great state even better.”