Today, the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation launched an online grain markets tool that allows farmers to see cash bids, on a 10-minute delay, for corn and soybeans within 60 miles of a selected zip code. 

“Farmers often have to navigate between multiple websites or apps to see what markets and cash bids look like in their area,” says Zach Brummer, Iowa Farm Bureau’s farmer education program manager. “With this resource, they can easily scroll through various bids and locations to find the best market for their grain that day.”

The tool also includes historical charts of cash bids and basis levels to provide farmers with a snapshot of seasonal trends at their local co-ops, ethanol plants and feed mills. 

“Farmers have a lot of decisions to make throughout the year from seed selection, cash rent negotiations, conservation planning and, of course, how to best market what they grow,” says Brummer. “By offering a one-stop shop, unbiased look at current and historical cash and basis data, we’re taking some legwork out of the equation.”

Available exclusively to Iowa Farm Bureau members, the tool draws data from approximately 200 grain facilities and is the first of its kind in Iowa. Members can log on and see their local cash bids at or click the "Get Started" button below.