When Natalina Sents graduated from Iowa State University (ISU) last May, she decided to follow her dream of taking a year off to travel all 50 states.

But her goal wasn’t to visit famous landmarks and take selfie photos. Instead, the ISU agribusiness grad wanted to visit farmers across the country, sharing their stories on social media.

Since embarking May 15, a week after graduation, Sents has met more than 70 farmers in 25 states along the East Coast, the Upper Midwest and as far away as Alaska for the Beck’s Hybrids "Why I Farm" road trip.

During her journey, Sents has gotten lost driving down gravel roads that are miles away from anywhere. She had to reschedule a farm visit when a herd of alpacas got loose in New Jersey. And she has sat at countless kitchen tables, sharing laughs and sometimes cries when farmers start talking about their...