Florida has significant agricultural assets, in fruits, vegetable crops, and animal agriculture sectors. With citrus harvest coming, there are significant loss possibilities with a large hurricane. Additionally, with large cattle operations there can be heavy impacts to animal agriculture from hurricane conditions. To give an idea of the main impact zone of Florida and the percentage of U.S. agriculture. Below are charts outlining sales and Florida percentages of the total U.S. Crop/Fruit and Nut, and Animal agricultural sectors. What the exact impact will be is yet to be seen, but to get a general picture of the size of Florida’s agriculture sector and understand the challenges ahead for our fellow agriculturists in the South. The graphs below show the share of the U.S. agriculture that Florida contributes, along with the boon to the Florida economy that agriculture provides.

Preston Lyman is a Research Analyst with Decision Innovation Solutions (DIS). DIS is an Iowa-Based economic research firm which provides regular farm economics research and analysis to the Iowa Farm Bureau staff and members.