As we near the final days of the Iowa caucus activities, I want to write a personal note to you, as a member of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation, to underscore the significance of a few hours of your time Monday, Feb. 1.

Every four years since 1972, Iowans have provided valuable clues as to who should lead this country in the role of president of the United States of America. We have served as a filter and funnel for our country with our first in the nation caucus. We are middle America, well-educated and well-informed.

As a farmer, an agriculturalist or a citizen of this great state, we should covet this opportunity. Thought leaders around the world are watching and waiting to hear your voice. That’s right, your singular voice that may set in motion the candidate who will succeed.

We need a president who respects the law of the land as prescribed by our Constitution and our Congress, not from an activist court or renegade government agency. A president who will protect our way of life and our freedoms. A president who appreciates our economic security and who understands fiscal constraint.

And we need a president who realizes the important role that agriculture plays in providing our country security in food, fiber and energy.

A leader who has the will, the experience and the proven track record of effectiveness. I personally believe the best predictor of future performance should be measured by past performance, and I am counting on you to provide the needed scrutiny, not the reflection of a pundit on television.

Your Iowa grassroots investment of time to seriously dig deep through the clutter, chaos and sound bites will have a greater impact and influence on this race than any state in the country.

On caucus night, I ask you to dedicate yourself to attend and participate, illustrating to the rest of nation the wisdom (good sense) that comes from Iowa.

Hill is president of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation.

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