In the summer when Kiley Swanson gets off work from his full-time job at a local farm, his day is just beginning.

Swanson, 25, drives down the road to his parent’s farm near Dayton, where he and his dad, Charlie, and mom, Judy, grow a one-acre vegetable plot.

The Swansons spend their aftern­­oons picking tomatoes, cuc­umbers and sweet corn; digging up onions; and planting a fall crop of lettuce.

If they need to work past sunset to fill an order, the Swansons wear headlamps and bring a shop light out into the field so they can keep picking tomatoes in the dark.

"In the next week or two, it will be like working two jobs," said Kiley, a Boone County Farm Bureau member, as he looked over his field of tomatoes ripening in the sun. "I’m always over here on Saturdays. And when we have to, we’ll work on Sunday."

Kiley freely admits that...