As farmers have more questions about the rules and regulations that pertain to raising livestock in Iowa, they are turning to the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers (CSIF) for assistance.

Founded in 2004, the Coalition helps farmers understand and exceed the state and federal regulations that apply to livestock farming today. The Coalition staff provides a building site analysis, consults farmers on safeguards which protect the environment and provides assistance enhancing neighbor relations.

"We can help connect the dots," says Brian Waddingham, executive director for the Coalition. "We can make sure that the location the farmer has in mind for the new building or feedlot is the best location."

CSIF helps farmers not only think about if the location helps meet the farmer’s needs today, but also helps them think about future goals for the site.

"We sit down, explain the rules and regulations, and then if they want to expand we can walk them through that as well," he said.

The conversation doesn’t stop when the Coalition has helped the farmer...