When I sat down to write a blog for National Farmers Day, my hands hovered over my keyboard as I thought, “What do I really want people to know about farming?”

But truthfully, what comes to mind isn’t words or drawn-out explanations.

It’s images and emotions.

It’s the way my daughter’s eyes light up when she gets to ride in the tractor or combine. That is, before she inevitably zones out because there’s something about being in farm equipment that mesmerizes kids.

It’s the look of determination on my son’s face when he’s asked to fetch a wrench. A small task he views as a big responsibility.

It’s everyone gathered around my popped-up car trunk for a quick break to eat before the work resumes.

It’s the video call to dad at bedtime to see how he’s coming along and the promises of hugs in the morning.

It’s the unexpected breakdown in the field. An experience that, while not ideal, isn’t anything we can’t overcome.

It’s the worn out look on my husband’s face after weeks of long nights with more on the horizon. (An image not captured but one I know well.)

Drivers passing by on the road witness combines rolling through the fields, tractors hauling wagons and grain being trucked to a local co-op.  

But behind the equipment are real people, and I love sharing, both personally and in my work, who those people are and the moments that go unseen.

Is it all picture perfect? Hardly. But there are some pictures that are darn near, like the look of pride on the next generation of Iowa’s farmers and the promise of the legacy they will lead.

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