According to the August 2017 USDA/NASS Crop Production Report, the forecast for total U.S. corn production is 14.2 billion bushels which is a 7% decline from 2016. U.S. corn yields are expected to be down about 5 bushels/acre compared to last year. U.S. soybean production forecasts indicate a slight decline in yield compared to last year, but a 2% increase in total production due to higher acreage for an expected record high of 4.38 billion bushels.

In Iowa, corn yields are estimated at 188 bu/acre, down from 203 bu/acre in 2016, and total Iowa corn production is expected to be 10% lower than last year. Total soybean production is expected to be higher than last year in many states, but Iowa is expected to see a 3% decline in production compared to 2016. The 2017 Iowa soybean yield forecast is 56 bu/acre, which is down compared to the 2016 average yield of 60.5 bu/acre.

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