Iowa Farm Bureau Cookout Contest

2024 Iowa Farm Bureau Cookout Contest 

Tuesday, August 13, 2024

Since the mid-60s, the Iowa Farm Bureau Cookout Contest has hosted more than 2,000 backyard chefs on the Iowa State Fair Grand Concourse.

 The Cookout Contest is a celebration of Iowa-raised meats and the farmers who provide this high-quality product with animal care and environmental sustainability as their top priority.


Win a County Farm Bureau Cookout ContestWin a County Contest

Competitors who are named Grand Champion of a County Farm Bureau Cookout Contest will get an automatic spot to compete at the state competition. Competitors do NOT have to be residents of the County Cookout Contest they are competing in.

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Sign up for a Special Category

Due to limited qualifying cookout contest locations, we're offering the chance to fill open slots at the state competition in the following categories: poultry, turkey, lamb and a youth competition (ages 13 - 17). Participants will be notified by July 12.

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Any Iowa resident 18+ is eligible to participate in the Cookout Contest. Contestants ages 13 - 17 will compete in the youth division. Farm Bureau membership is not required. Past Cookout Contest champions and Farm Bureau or affiliated company employees are not allowed to compete.

Entry categories
Entry categories at the state level include pork, beef, poultry, turkey, lamb and a youth competition. Additionally, a limited number of contestants may participate in the Showmanship category.

Category Prize
Beef - sponsored by the Iowa Beef Industry Council 1st place: $400 / 2nd place: $200
Pork - sponsored by the Iowa Pork Producers Association 1st place: $400 / 2nd place: $200
Turkey - sponsored by the Iowa Turkey Federation 1st place: $400 / 2nd place: $200
Poultry - sponsored by the Iowa Poultry Association 1st place: $400 / 2nd place: $200
Lamb - sponsored by Growmark 1st place: $400 / 2nd place: $200
Youth - sponsored by the Iowa Propane Gas Association 1st place: $300 + Gas grill / 2nd place: $150
Showmanship - sponsored by Farm Bureau Financial Services $200
Grand Champion - sponsored by Iowa Farm Bureau Federation and Farm Bureau Financial Services $1,000

Additional Details:

Thank you to our sponsors

For additional information, contact Stacy Stevens (515 225-5633), or your county Farm Bureau office.