Iowa Farm Bureau Cookout Contest rules

Iowa Farm Bureau Cookout Contest

2024 Iowa Farm Bureau Cookout Contest event rules



Participant eligibility: 

  • Must be an Iowa resident, ages 18+. 
  • For the youth competition, contestants must be 13-17 years old by August 13, 2024.
  • Farm Bureau membership is not required to compete.
  • Farm Bureau or affiliated company employees are not eligible to compete.
  • Past Iowa Farm Bureau Cookout Contest champions are not eligible to compete.


How to enter: 

  1. Contestants who compete at a county Farm Bureau Cookout Contest and are named Grand Champion will receive an automatic bid to the Iowa Farm Bureau Cookout Contest held at the Iowa State Fair on Tuesday, August 13. You do not have to compete in a Cookout Contest in the county where you reside. 
  1. Because not every county Farm Bureau hosts a local Cookout Contest, those interested in competing in the Iowa Farm Bureau Cookout Contest at the Iowa State Fair may sign up to online for a chance to backfill remaining competition slots not filled by county Cookout Contest Grand Champions.
  2. - Online registrants are encouraged to identify all categories they would be willing to compete in.
     - A youth category is available through online sign ups only.
    - Contestants will be notified of participation selection by July 12 and must confirm participation by July 19.


    State Cookout Contest entry categories: 

    • Pork
    • Beef
    • Poultry
    • Turkey
    • Lamb
    • Youth 
    • Showmanship

    • - Showmanship will be limited to 12 participants who will be selected via a lottery system. Showmanship includes a high-quality presentation of the food including a side dish, place-setting, fun props and contestant enthusiasm and knowledge.


      Contest rules:

      • Contestants who were named Grand Champion at a county Farm Bureau Cookout Contest must compete at the Iowa State Fair Cookout Contest with the same recipe/meat item that won the local county contest.
      • Both county Cookout Contest Grand Champions and selected online contestants must submit a recipe for the state competition for judging purposes.
      • At the state event, each competitor will be provided a 12x12 space and is responsible for supplying everything they need for the contest, excluding power, which will be available upon request. Delivery and loading/unloading of all equipment is the responsibility of the contestant. For more information, click here to read the Cookout Contest FAQ. 


      Important 2024 dates: 

      • July 12 - Competitors on the backfill list will be notified and must confirm their entry by July 19.

      • July 29 - Deadline for county Farm Bureaus to submit their local Cookout Contest Grand Champion to compete at the Iowa State Fair.

      • By August 1 - Packets for the Iowa Farm Bureau Cookout Contest mailed to contestants.

      • August 13 - Iowa Farm Bureau Cookout Contest at the Iowa State Fair.