Below is a listing of upcoming conservation field days around the state. For a complete listing of future conservation field days, click here.

Upcoming Field Days

Maintaining High Yields with Cover Crops and Conservation

Saturday, June 22 | 10am-12pm

Hubbard, Iowa

Hosted by Kurtis, Kathy, and Al Kadolph with speakers John Gilbert of Gibralter Farm and Southfork Watershed Alliance and Melissa Miller of Southfork Watershed Alliance. Come see and discuss several topics including using cover crops to increase soil biology and organic matter, a cover crop mix of brassicas, cereal rye and camelina ahead of a corn crop, a cover crop mix of cereal rye, rapeseed and camelina ahead of soybeans, no-till corn-on-corn and corn-on-soybeans with use of a cover crop, edge-of-field conservation practices, and equipment including a Case IH Precision 550T no-till drill and Case IH 2150 planter set-up for no-till into cover crops with in-furrow starter fertilizer.

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Southeast Research and Demonstration Farm

Wednesday, June 26 | 12:30pm-3:30pm

Crawfordsville, Iowa

Hosted by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach and the Southeast Iowa Agricultural Research Association. Come see and discuss research farm updates, bioreactors, edge-of-field practices, the whole farm conservation best practices manual, and strip trial with sulfur and soybeans.

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Building Soil Health Through Relay-Cropping, Extended Rotations and Reduced Tillage

Wednesday, June 26 | 4:30pm-6:30pm

Humboldt, Iowa

Hosted by Doug & Kim Adams and Harley Hett with a speaker from Humboldt County NRCS. Come see and discuss relay-cropping soybeans and winter wheat, using cover crops for weed control, extending rotations with small grains to improve nutrient cycling, forming partnerships for farm transition, and a rainfall simulator and slake test.

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Armstrong Research and Demonstration Farm Field Day

Thursday, June 27 | 9:30am-3:30pm

Lewis, Iowa

The field day will feature Iowa State University Extension and Outreach experts including Terry Gleaves, Doug Houser, and Madelynn Wuestenberg. They will speak on a variety of current crop and planting practices in agriculture.

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Nutrient Management Using Intercropping in an Organic Operation

Tuesday, July 2 | 10am-12pm

Maynard, Iowa

Hosted by Scott and Catherine Wedemeier. Come see and discuss intercropping to manage nutrients, replacing corn silage with an 18-way cover crop mix chopped for silage, diversifying rotations with small grains underseeded with legumes, using a baled oats, barley and pea forage mix, and equipment for seeding and chopping.

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