Reminder to check manure application certification

Reminder to check manure application certification

Harvest moons mean harvest is just around the corner, and we know manure application will follow as soon as the crops are out.

Please take time now to make sure your applicator certification is up-to-date. As Jeff Prier, DNR’s MAC training coordinator says, "There is always new information in the training, and we'd rather see you and your staff certified than have to issue a notice of violation or assess a penalty."

There are three ways to become certified:

  1. Commercial and confinement applicators may watch a video during monthly scheduled dates and times at their local Iowa State University Extension and Outreach office. Find training and viewing opportunities at your local extension office. Although not required, registration ensures that there will be space and training materials available.
  2. Or, consider taking advantage of DNR’s online training and fee paying option. First you will have to create an IowaID, following the prompts. Find more information about the certification program at or
  3. Finally, applicators may take and pass a test to renew or become certified instead of training. Please schedule a testing time at your local DNR field office

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