I’m baffled by the rainbow-colored variety of energy and protein drinks available in stores these days. Personally, I much prefer a strong cup of coffee for my morning jet fuel.

While those flashy energy drinks may grab our attention, we often overlook one of the most nutritious choices out there – ice-cold, classic milk. (Bonus energy points if you add milk to your coffee.)

Yes, the same milk we pour into our kids’ cereal bowls for strong bones is also a nutritional win for us grown-ups.

Unlike energy drinks packed with who-knows-what, a single cup of milk provides 8 grams of high-quality protein and a hefty 30% of the daily recommended value of calcium we need for healthy bones.

Unfortunately, as we get older, our muscle and bone mass decline, making us more prone to bone fractures and injuries. For women, bone loss can happen quickly after menopause. Women can lose up to 20% of their bone density five to seven years after menopause.

Milk isn’t only a good source of calcium. It’s also loaded with potassium, which supports muscle and heart health.

Most of us aren’t getting enough of these vital nutrients. That’s why the U.S. Dietary Guidelines have identified calcium and potassium as
 “nutrients of concern.”

I encourage you to support Iowa farmers this June Dairy Month. Take advantage of summer deals on milk, cheese and ice cream.

Also, try out the cottage cheese trend that’s all over social media with our onion dip recipe featured here. It’s perfect for summer BBQs.

Iowa farmers work hard every day to provide us with nutritious, high-quality meat and dairy, with a focus on sustainability and the best possible care to farm animals. We invite you to learn more at realfarmersrealfoodrealmeat.com.

Take care,

Teresa Bjork
Editor, The Iowa Dish

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