Iowa’s Resource Enhancement and Protection (REAP) assemblies begin October 18, giving all Iowans an opportunity to share and discuss their visions for Iowa’s outdoor recreation, soil and water enhancement, historical resources and land management.

REAP assemblies are locally-led meetings held every other year where the public can provide input and comment on REAP programs. Delegates to the January 4, 2022, REAP Congress at the State Capitol in Des Moines are also selected during the regional assemblies.

Each assembly represents a region of counties. Participants are required to attend the region for the county in which they reside. All the meetings are scheduled for 6:30-8 pm.  A list of REAP assembly locations is available here and here. There is also a statewide virtual REAP assembly scheduled for Nov. 2. Details on the REAP program can be found here

“REAP assemblies provide Iowans a perfect opportunity to share their views and learn others’ views about parks, trails, museums and other amenities,” says Kayla Lyon, director of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR). “It’s critical that community members are engaged in these meetings to help shape the future of and enhance recreational opportunities in our state for the future.”

Each year, REAP provides funding for local projects through a grant process and each year, the requests for city and county grants exceed the amount available by two or three times. Since the program debuted in 1989, more than $365 million has been awarded to more than 15,500 projects. The Iowa legislature funded REAP at $12 million for the current fiscal year.