While the American Farm Bureau Federation is grateful that Wendy’s restaurants are sharing positive messages about beef production in the United States, the organization is concerned about Wendy’s previously announced policies on eggs and pork, according to a recent letter to Wendy’s President and CEO Emil Brolick from AFBF President Zippy Duvall.
“The American Farm Bureau Federation appreciates Wendy’s focus on helping consumers make the connection between the high-quality beef you serve and the American farmers and ranchers who proudly provide it to the more than 850 Wendy’s restaurants throughout the country,” Duvall stated in the letter. “Thank you for being a partner in bridging the gap between consumers and livestock producers.”
The letter expressed AFBF’s concern, however, regarding Wendy’s previously announced policies on eggs and pork, which “will make production less efficient and drive up costs, forcing some customers to make tough choices about meeting their basic needs and forcing producers to struggle with the costs of changing their production practices.”
Duvall invited Brolick to engage with AFBF in a cooperative dialogue to discuss working together “to do what’s best for agriculture, farm animals and (Wendy’s) customers.”