Your organization, the Iowa Farm Bureau, shines in a poll asking Iowans about their trust in institutions and organizations.

In a Des Moines Register poll released last week, 70% of Iowans say they strongly or mostly trust the Iowa Farm Bureau. That’s a very solid ranking, trailing only God (OK, that’s a given) the armed forces, the Iowa State Patrol and few other well-respected institutions. Farm Bureau’s ranking tied the Iowa Supreme Court and was ahead of the FBI, organized religion and Congress. Incidentally, the poll respondents ranked cable news and social media at the bottom.

It’s clear why Iowans put so much trust in Farm Bureau. First, Iowa Farm Bureau has served Iowa farmers and others for more than a century as a vital voice for farmers, rural Iowans and the entire state. 

Maybe a bigger reason for Iowan’s trust is the organization’s strong focus on grassroots involvement. Members have an opportunity to work through their county Farm Bureau to shape and promote policies. 

Add to that all of the good things that Farm Bureau offers for Iowans, including scholarships, support for high school athletic and academic programs, programs to boost rural vitality and access to affordable health care. The list goes on, but the bottom line is that Farm Bureau represents the strong values of Iowans: dedication to hard work; care for the land, water and livestock; and character rooted in faith and family. 

That’s how you build trust. And it’s something that’s clear to Iowans.