Imagine tasting a spoonful of creamy, fruity yogurt that’s so fresh you can hear the cows mooing as you’re eating it.

At Country View Dairy in northeast Iowa, the Rapson family milks their 150 Holstein cows just a short walk from the processing facility where their farm-fresh yogurt is cultured, chilled and packaged.

Country View Dairy isn’t just the first on-farm yogurt shop in Iowa; it’s also one of the first in the United States.

And business is growing. In the last year, the number of retail stores offering Country View Dairy yogurt has grown from 15 stores in Iowa to 200 retail locations in seven states today.

Yet back in 2011, when Farm Bureau members Dave and Carolee Rapson first started making yogurt on their dairy farm, they weren’t sure if there was a market for their unique product, Dave explains.

"We’ve had tremendous support from the local community," says Dave, as he took a break from chores on his family’s...