There were two webinars announced during the week of May 18. For more information about recently announced field days, visit here.

Recently Announced

May 27 | The Importance of Urban Conservation and Useful Stormwater Management Practices for Homeowners

The addition of impervious surfaces to the landscape in urban areas increases water runoff volume and rate, which can cause water quality, erosion and flood issues. A storm water management strategy and best management practices can be implemented by communities and homeowners to provide better site designs and water management. Paul Miller, Urban Conservationist at the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship (IDALS), will discuss practices that homeowners can install to manage water, while also adding beauty to their yard.

The webinar will meet via Zoom. Register for the webinar, here.

June 2 | Multiple Benefits of Rye: Calving, Grazing, Harvesting

Alan will take us to his rye fields that provide spring calving pastures and forage for grazing where we’ll try to spot calves in the tall rye. We’ll also learn about harvesting rye to make stored feed and see a demo of Alan making ryelage.

This webinar will be presented through Facebook Live. Keep an eye out for more information, here.


May 28 | Iowa Learning Farms Virtual Field Day: Celebrating Iowa’s Wetlands

This event will take you on a tour of the diversity of wetlands found in Iowa. The event will include video footage from a variety of wetlands in North Central Iowa and live interaction with Kay Stefanik, Iowa Nutrient Research Center Assistant Director and Adam Janke, Iowa State University Assistant Professor and Extension Wildlife Specialist. Together they will discuss how these sites were formed, identify features that make each wetland unique - including the wildlife and plants, and answer questions from attendees on how farmers and landowners can work with and around the wetlands.

The webinar will meet via Zoom. Register for the webinar, here.