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Recently Announced

July 1 | Optimizing Yields of Corn Planted After a Cereal Rye Cover Crop

Alison Robertson, Professor and Extension Field Crops Pathologist at Iowa State University, will share results from one of her research projects which investigate the effect of planting green on corn growth and development, and seedling disease. It is recommended that rye cover crops are terminated at least ten days before planting corn to reduce potential yield drag in corn. However, in some years this is not possible, due to conditions at planting, or when a farmer would prefer to let the cover crop grow as long as possible for soil health and environmental benefits. This webinar will explore the benefits or disadvantages of this practice.

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June 19 | Cover Crops and Forage in Mahaska County

Get a first-hand view of how the De Bruin family farm integrates cover crops with their operation. This virtual field day includes a video tour of the farm in which Jake and Doug will discuss their journey with cover crops and how they use cover crops to benefit their cattle operation. After the video tour, Jake and Doug will host a live facilitated discussion and Q&A session.

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June 30 | Flame-Weeding and Crop Rotation for Weed Control

Learn how Noah Wendt and Caleb Akin use a flame-weeder as one of many tools for weed management on their organic farm. We’ll check out a field that was previously flame-weeded, and Noah and Caleb will show video from a few weeks prior of the flame-weeder in action. They’ll also discuss the importance of including a small-grain crop in the rotation for their weed management strategy.

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