There was one webinar announced during the week of November 16. For more information about recently announced field days, visit here.

Recently Announced

November 25 | Can Moments of Awe and Gratitude Improve the Environment?

Jacqueline Comito, an anthropologist and the director of Iowa Learning Farms, will define awe and gratitude and will explore what science says about how experiences of awe and expressions of gratitude can impact environmental attitudes and behaviors. During the webinar, Comito will discuss the ways that we might integrate the tools of awe and gratitude into our environmental work when it seems like real change is eluding us.


November 24 | Making Cover Crops and Strip-Tillage Work in Des Moines Lobe

Located in the heart of the Des Moines Lobe, known for the rich, dark soil, Thompson has been utilizing no-till on all soybean acres and strip-till on his corn acres since 2002. During the virtual field day, Mark Thompson, a Webster County farmer, will share his experiences figuring out which strip-till tools and timing of operations work best for his system.