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Recently Announced

November 4 | Nutrient Reduction Progress at Iowa Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Iowa’s largest communities and industries have a significant role to play to help meet the state’s nutrient reduction goals. Understanding that role and the progress to date paints a clearer picture of how the many facets of Iowa’s Nutrient Reduction Strategy fit together and work today.


November 5 | Exploring Impacts of Cover Crops, Tillage and N-Inhibitors on Crop Performance and Water Quality

Join us for a live conversation with Matt Helmers, Director of the Iowa Nutrient Research Center, Emily Waring, Graduate Research Assistant, and Carl Pederson, Agricultural Specialist in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering at Iowa State University. Since 1989, research focused on the effects of nitrogen (N) management on crop production and tile drainage water quality has been conducted in north-central Iowa near Gilmore City. In 2010, the treatments were changed to examine the impacts of cereal rye winter cover crop vs. no rye (with and without tillage), conventional tillage vs. no-till, and timing of N-application and use of nitrification inhibitor. Through extensive data collection and monitoring, the team is measuring the impact of these practices on nitrogen and phosphorus loss and crop yield.