There was one webinar announced during the week of January 11. For more information about recently announced field days, visit here.

Recently Announced

January 20 | Around the World in 80 Bioreactors

Challenges involving agriculture, nitrogen, and water are not unique to our region. Join Dr. Laura Christianson, assistant professor, Department of Crop Sciences, University of Illinois, for this “stay-cation” to learn more about how bioreactors are being used at (almost) 80 stops around the globe.



January 21 | Returning Oxbows to Iowa’s Landscape

Restoring oxbows creates a multitude of benefits to the landscape including improving water quality, offering flood storage capabilities and providing crucial wildlife habitat to a wide range of creatures including endangered species like the Topeka Shiner. Join us for a virtual tour of a restored oxbow and live conversation with Karen Wilke, Iowa Freshwater Specialist & Boone River Project Director for The Nature Conservancy, Jeff Pudenz, Greene County landowner, Darrick Weissenfluh, private lands fish and wildlife biologist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Dylan Osterhaus and Sam Leberg, Research Assistants at Iowa State University.