There were two webinars announced during the week of March 29. For more information about recently announced field days, visit here.

Recently Announced

April 7 | Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig Shares Conservation Progress

Secretary Naig will discuss conservation, water quality, and his vision for Iowa during the webinar. He will also discuss the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy and explain how Iowans are working to meet the nitrogen and phosphorus loss reductions outlined in the Strategy.

April 15 | Conservation Learning Labs – Exploring the Impact of Cover Crops on Water Quality

Mark Licht, Iowa State University Assistant Professor and Extension Cropping Systems Specialist, and Matt Helmers, Iowa Nutrient Research Center Director will be discussing cover crops and their key practices within the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy. Cover crops offer a wide range of benefits including reducing soil erosion, improving infiltration and soil health, weed suppression and grazing opportunities. Best management practices for spring management of cover crops are key to maximizing those benefits and reducing potential yield reductions.