There were three webinars announced during the week of August 17. For more information about recently announced field days, visit here.

Recently Announced

August 25 | Utilizing No-till as a Moisture Management Tool

For nearly 20 years, Doug and Vail Gronau have been planting no-till corn and soybeans to help reduce soil erosion, improve soil health, and manage soil moisture. They have also implemented additional conservation practices live waterways and terraces and used cover crops since 2014 to address soil erosion and help improve water quality.

August 26 | Evaluating Forages for Beef Cattle: ISU Forage Research Test Plots

Incorporating annual forages into Iowa’s cropping system provides flexibility for land use, alternative forage availability at times of limited perennial forage for cattle, as well as other conservation practices. In an effort to benchmark utilization of winter and summer annuals as a forage resource for beef cattle, forage test plots at three outlying Iowa State University Research Farms have been established to evaluate nutrient quality and potential yield. Erika Lundy, Extension Beef Specialist at Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, will share the current results of this research project, which aims to provide research-based information that will help establish reasonable expectations in terms of forage quality and yield of various cover crop and summer annuals.



August 29 | Using Conservation to Improve Farm Profitability – Edge-of-Field Conservation

Nathan and Sarah Anderson farm using in-field conservation practices that reduce soil loss, increase soil health, reduce inputs and provide forage for livestock. They also target edge-of-field conservation on marginal lands to provide water quality and wildlife benefits while improving return on investment on farmed acres.