There were no field days announced during the week of April 26. For details about two previously announced field days, visit here.


May 15 | Webinar: Cover Crop Impact on Crop Yield and Water Quality: Single Species vs Mixtures

Join speaker Emily Waring, Graduate Research Assistant of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering at ISU for a discussion on cover crop impact. Connect to the webinar here.

June 4 | Cover Crop Field Day

Terry plants diverse crop rotations that include cereal rye, which he harvests to use in several ways. He’ll share his experience making ryelage, rye hay and rye straw. We’ll hear from Terry’s dairy farming neighbors, Josh and Dick Blough, who feed this ryelage to their dairy cattle. We’ll start in the field to view some cover crops before moving indoors for further discussion and a meal.

Topics will include:

  • Harvesting ryelage
  • Making rye hay for feeding dairy heifers
  • Rye for bedding
  • Diverse crop rotations

Other Speakers:

  • Josh and Dick Blough – neighbors of Terry who feed Terry’s ryelage to their dairy cattle 

Please RSVP here by May 31.