There were two webinars announced during the week of October 5. For more information about recently announced field days, visit here.

Recently Announced

October 15 | Mitigating Flooding and Improving Water Quality in the Upper Wapsipinicon Watershed

The virtual field day will offer a closer look at a current wetland project in Quasqueton that is designed to reduce flash flows during heavy rainfall events with Tori Nimrod and Ross Evelsizer, Upper Wapsipinicon River Watershed Coordinators and Northeast Iowa Resource Conservation and Development and Luke Monat and Daniel Jensen, engineers at Shive-Hattery Inc. Architecture & Engineering. The small wetland will reduce flows from the capture zone by around 50% during a 100-year flood event or a 6.6-inch rainfall event. A goal for the Upper Wapsipinicon Watershed Management Authority (WMA) is to implement 28 projects on both private and public properties that will help to mitigate flooding in the watershed.   

October 20 | Incorporating Sorghum into the Iowa Crop Rotation

At the ISU Sustainable Advanced Bioeconomy Research (SABR) Farm located west of Ames, Dr. VanLoocke’s team is exploring the impacts of adding bioenergy crops like sorghum to the traditional rotation of corn and soybeans grown on most acres in Iowa. Taking a systems approach, the team is closely analyzing the carbon/nitrogen budget or mass budget of sorghum and the impacts on the soil, water and atmosphere.