Conservation field days have been announced for the week of June 14. For more information about recently announced field days, visit here.

Recently Announced 

Agronomy Summer Workshop and CCA Training

Wednesday, June 16 (8 am – 12 pm)

Join ISU Extension and Outreach and the Southeast Iowa Agricultural Research Association for this Agronomy Summer Workshop and CCA Training that will feature four sessions that participations will rotate through.

Register for this field day, here.

Improving Bioreactor Design and Performance

Thursday, June 17 (1pm - 2pm)

Denitrifying woodchip bioreactors route tile drainage water through a trench filled with woodchips or other carbon materials to encourage the natural denitrification or conversion of nitrate to dinitrogen gas, which makes up the majority of our atmosphere. Bioreactors and other edge-of-field practices are key to reducing nitrate losses from Iowa’s agricultural landscape to local water bodies and beyond.

 Register for this webinar, here.