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Recently Announced

July 23 | Urban Stream and Riparian Conservation Management

Rivers and streams reflect the activity of the watershed that drains into them. This is especially true in urban areas, where these waterbodies are tasked with not only providing habitat and recreation, but also capturing and transporting stormwater away from homes and businesses in areas dominated by impervious surfaces that continue to increase. With management of the vegetation and understanding of the watershed to reduce pollutant transport, the health and beauty of these areas can be vastly enhanced and can improve the quality of life for the surrounding community.

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July 20 | Rotational Pasture Series: Laying Hens

Starting a pasture rotational system can be challenging. In this three-part series, you will meet three farmers who have spent their beginning farming years creating processes to make a regenerative pasture system work for their farms.

In part 2, we’ll learn how Susan Young is raising laying hens on pasture as part of her silvopasture system. With the help of a movable chicken coop and temporary fencing, she is able to rotate her laying hens across the pasture. Susan will lead a virtual tour of her chicken coop set-up and share tips for raising poultry rotationally on pasture.

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July 22 | Virtual Cover Crop Boot Camp

The series is designed to efficiently provide actionable agronomic information which can help independent and retail agronomists and crop consultants build their business through recommending and implementing cover crops.

“The needs of agronomists and advisers for information, practices, and business tactics related to cover crops has not been diminished by pandemic-related restrictions,” said Sarah Carlson, strategic initiatives director for PFI. “These webinars will provide ag professionals, who are working with farmers every day, with an opportunity to tune up muscle-memory about cover crops, learn from industry experts, and examine new ways to build their business. And they can join these lunchtime webinars from the convenience of their truck, office or living room.”

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