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Recently Announced 

Including the Stream Channel in a Comprehensive View of Water Quality

Wednesday, July 14 (12 pm – 1 pm) 

The Iowa Learning Farms conservation webinar taking place July 14 at noon will feature Billy Beck, assistant professor and extension forestry specialist, Iowa State University. Beck’s research focuses on the impacts that trees, forests, and forestry have on water quality and hydrology within agriculturally-dominated Midwestern watersheds.

In the webinar, “Are Stream Channel Sediment and Nutrient Sources Masking Upland Conservation Progress?,” Beck will discuss a recent study of in-channel sediment contributions to phosphorus levels in water. Noting that there is a growing body of evidence suggesting the stream channel itself may act as a significant source of sediment and nutrients such as phosphorus, Beck has been working to quantify the sources of sediment and phosphorus at the watershed scale.

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