There was one webinar announced during the week of August 3. For more information about recently announced field days, visit here.

Recently Announced

August 12 | ISU’s New Sustainable Advanced Bioeconomy Research Farm

Ecosystem service markets promise farmers new money, but how do we quantify services farmers might sell? Emily Heaton, Professor of Agronomy at Iowa State University, will explain how greenhouse gas and water changes are being measured at field-scale in perennial and annual crops at the SABR farm. The knowledge gained from this research is used to inform government agency recommendations and private valuation of ecosystem services.



August 10 | Integrating Cover Crops on a Vegetable and Poultry Farm – Interseeded & Quick-Turnaround Covers

In this three-part series, join Rob Faux to learn about the different ways he integrates cover crops throughout his vegetable and poultry farm. From spring-seeded and fall-seeded cover crops to interseeded, quick-turnaround covers in the summer and fallow beds for running poultry, Rob has tried almost everything and will show a good mix (and single-species stand!) during these virtual field days.

August 13 | Wheat: A Gateway Crop to Soil Health, Resilience and More

Jim and Kathy Moseley explain how adding wheat (or other small grains) into crop rotations opens the door to possibility. Not only do these crops invite you to plant a diverse cover crop and graze it, adding a small-grain crop can lay the foundation for a transition to organic. It’s time to reframe this versatile crop and rediscover its profit potential. In this virtual event, we’ll explore the farm management and economic implications of wheat and all its opportunities.