The Iowa Farm Bureau Federation has joined with American Specialty Health Fitness Inc. to offer its members access to the Active&Fit Direct program. 

This new member benefit provides access to a hybrid fitness program, offering an adult gym membership for just $25 per month along with access to a library of more than 8,700 on-demand workout videos and individual wellness coaching. Premium exercise studio options are available at 20% to 70% discounted rates.

Iowa has about 196 participating centers in 57 counties, including 17 YMCAs in 14 counties and 58 Anytime Fitness centers in 36 counties. Snap Fitness, Planet Fitness and local fitness centers are also in the Active&Fit Direct network. While traveling, members can access a network of nearly 12,000 gyms nationwide that are part of the Active&Fit Direct program.

There are no annual fees or long-term contracts after an initial two-month sign-up period. Members may switch gyms at any time. 

“Active&Fit Direct removes barriers to fitness,” said George DeVries, chairman and CEO of American Specialty Health Inc. “Whether a member wants to work out at home, at the gym or in a studio, this program offers a comprehensive fitness solution with many options to choose from. We’ve always been a company on the forefront of innovation, adapting to the needs of our customers for 35 years. Our comprehensive fitness program provides solutions people need to optimize their health goals in any setting.”

The Active&Fit Direct program is offering a special enrollment incentive and will waive the $25 enrollment fee until Jan. 1, 2023, for Iowa Farm Bureau members. Upon enrolling, members can find information on how to schedule a 1-on-1 coaching session through the Health Living program details on their dashboard.

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