Morning Glory farm of Mount Vernon starts its own food truck

Morning Glory farm of Mount Vernon starts its own food truck

MOUNT VERNON — Kit Kirby’s interest in farming started with her passion for food.

A graduate of Kirkwood Community College’s culinary program, she started meeting farmers while working at Cedar Rapids restaurant Caucho. They would drop off boxes of tomatoes and peppers and other produce that Kirby helped turn into tacos and salsas. Talking with them, her interest in their work grew.

“I had never really thought of where my food was coming from,” she said. “I like serving food where I know where it came from and tell people about where it came from.”

She moved to Washington state to work on a farm there, then moved back to Iowa and spent a season working at Morning Glory farm, a small vegetable farm just outside Mount Vernon. There she found a way for her two passions, farming and cooking, to come together, when Morning Glory owner Donna Warhover asked her to help the farm start it’s own food truck.

Warhover hopes the food truck, which focuses on dishes made with the farm’s vegetables, helps raise awareness about the farm and it’s mission of promoting sustainably grown food while fostering community.

“I’m very passionate about growing good food, but I’m more passionate about growing community around good food,” Warhover said.

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