No, Iowa isn't Idaho. But we do grow great potatoes.
If you walk into an Iowa or Missouri Walmart and buy a bag of onions marked from Iowa, there’s a good chance they came from Kittleson Brothers.

“It’s either us or my father-in-law,” says Beth Rachut, of the onions shipped to Minnesota where they are repackaged and branded Iowa grown.

Beth and her husband, Steve, are in the onion business. They also grow potatoes. Steve grew up raising onions with his parents in northern Iowa. Beth is a Mitchell County Farm Bureau leader.

In 2022, they took the helm of Kittleson Brothers. The century old St. Ansgar business was started by Kittleson brothers Karl and Jake in 1922, then transferred to Karl’s sons Charles and John. When Charles became ill, Steve Rachut stepped in to assist John and joined the partnership in 2014....