Iowa's premier weekly crop reports 8/16/2017

Iowa's Premiere Weekly Crop Reports

Kipp Fehr
Kipp Fehr
Palo Alto County

Northwest Iowa

“We got a little shower here, but it’s really too little, too late,” Fehr said Aug. 10. Beyond the lack of moisture, he said a big concern is pollination in the corn, which occurred during the hot weather in July. “The ears are small and there is a lot of tip back,” Fehr said. Soybeans are still green but there are not many pods on them, he said. Some farmers have begun to chop silage, Fehr said.  

Brad Feckers
Brad Feckers
Butler County

North Central Iowa

Rain will make or break the soybean crop on Feckers’ farm this year, he said Aug. 10. The pods aren’t full and tops still have blossoms. About half-way up, there...

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