The Iowa delegates at the 95th annual meeting of the American Farm Bureau Feder­ation (AFBF) last week successfully secured continued strong backing for the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) from the national organization as well as other provisions to support biofuels.

"Our delegates did an admirable job of voicing the opinions of our Iowa members and getting them included in our national policy, and we were successful in most cases," Craig Hill, Iowa Farm Bureau (IFBF) president, said following the AFBF delegation session in San Antonio. "Many of our initiatives were approved in the AFBF resolutions process late last year, and we made sure they held up during the delegate session."

Along with defending biofuels, the Iowa delegates led the effort to pass resolutions to protect a farm’s proprietary data, make improvements to the crop insurance programs, protect farmers’ access to divided highways and prohibit the sale of non-pasteurized milk.

Iowa delegates also pushed for changes in AFBF policy on...