Iowa farmers say they’re finding good corn and soybean yields this fall, although there is a high degree of variability brought on by excessive rainfall and other weather challenges during the 2014 growing season.

After a slow start to harvest, farmers said several days of favorable weather allowed them to bring in most of their soybean crop and make good progress on corn by the end of last week. The week began with the state’s soybean harvest nine days behind the normal pace and corn harvest 18 days behind.

"I would say yields are a little disappointing. There are more wet spots than we thought," said Matt Siefker, who farms near Eagle Grove. Excessive early-season rains caused drown-outs of potholes in north-central Iowa fields.

As a result, soybean yields have ranged anywhere from 40 to 65 bushels per acre, Siefker said.

"If it was a well-drained field, it was up around 60 bushels. If there were wet spots, it was in the 40s. We really didn’t have...