The map below shows the cumulative precipitation for 2017 beginning in April at several locations across the state. Since April 1 st, Charles City and Red Oak have the highest precipitation totals out of these locations, while Cherokee has the least. As you can see, several of these locations have gone without any significant rainfall events for most of July, with the exception of Charles City in NE Iowa.

At this time last year, Cherokee had nearly 18 inches of cumulative precipitation since April 1 st, however this year that area is under 11 inches.  Charles City was just over 20 inches last year at this time, compared to almost 22 inches this year. Des Moines had almost 16 inches last year, but is under 13 inches this year during that timeframe, and Red Oak had 20 inches at this time last year and is at 17 inches this year.

Crop conditions have continued to decline, with 65% of Iowa’s corn in Good/Excellent condition, 60% of Iowa’s soybeans in Good/Excellent condition, and pasture conditions were only 37% Good/Excellent. A large portion of the state is either abnormally dry or is suffering from moderate drought conditions, as shown below.