Thanks to collaboration and guidance from experts at Iowa State University, Iowa's farmers have been restoring wetlands, nature's nitrate filters, for generations. See how it's making a difference for water quality.

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Laurie Johns (Iowa Minute host): Wetlands are nature's nitrate filters, and this one being put in place at Des Moines Water Works is just one example. Thanks to the collaboration and guidance from experts at Iowa State University, farmers have been putting in wetlands for generations and learning a lot.

Dr. Bill Crumpton (Iowa State University professor of ecology, evolution, and organismal biology): CREP required that we monitor and demonstrate, prove that these wetlands really do remove nutrient loads. We can build wetlands today that will operate 20-30% or more efficiently than they did when we first started the program more than 10 years ago.

Johns: Because wetlands come with many habitat benefits, there's a waiting list. Farmers love them.

Tim Minton (Dallas County Iowa farmer and conservationist): It makes me feel good about what I'm contributing ultimately to conservation.

Johns: Through intensive study, farmers know wetlands are a great option for removing nitrates, but not the only option they're embracing. To learn more, check out