See how the Iowa Nutrient Research and Education Council is bringing together partners to provide farmers with conservation expertise and measure progress.

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Laurie Johns (Iowa Minute host): Oh, so this will keep the rabbits off of my tomatoes. 

Garden professional: Yep, that should do it.

Johns: Good deal. Thanks! Sometimes you need a little bit of expertise when it comes to being a gardener. It's the same thing for farming. That's why collaboration is key. Collaboration is the name of the game for Iowa's research-based strategy to improve water quality. Through the Iowa Nutrient Research and Education Council (or INREC) many collaborators come together to measure conservation progress.

Laurie Wissler (Measurement Coordinator, INREC, Iowa State University): I am optimistic about the partnerships and the collaboration that's occurring, and I think the more that people work together, the more we're going to see real changes.

Johns: Farmers say getting these kinds of answers is what it's all about.

Mark Kenney (Farmer): We want to do it once, and we want to do it right. Having some information and some resources so our efforts don't go to waste, it's a tremendous benefit to farmers because we do rely up on.

Johns: The goal is to have science-proven strategies that improve water quality statewide. To learn more, check out