With the cancelation of the 2020 Iowa State Fair, many were missing hot beef sundaes, a bucket of warm cookies and chances to win prizes across the fairgrounds, including at Farm Bureau Park. However, with Iowa Farm Bureau Federation’s (IFBF) “Ag-Mazing Challenge” virtual scavenger hunt, 20 Iowans have been named the lucky recipients of $500 Visa gift cards:

  • Angie Alley, Tabor
  • Katherine Balk, Waucoma
  • Anna Balvance, Buffalo Center
  • Deanna Brennecke, Lineville
  • Kara Burrack, Monticello
  • Trent Butler, Indianola
  • Cheryl Ellingson, Indianola
  • Shelly Gardner, Kalona
  • Kathy Hooper, Des Moines
  • Christina Lahr, Center Point
  • Lana Luhring, Waverly
  • Barb Mikesh, Belmond
  • Kim Point, Goose Lake
  • Hope Roberts, Oskaloosa
  • Sophie Rotole, Ottumwa
  • Jennifer Sellner, Harlan
  • Amy Sorensen, Norwalk
  • Verna Vander Molen, Pella
  • Shania Wilz, Ottumwa
  • Katie Woodard, Nevada

“I was so excited to find out I won a $500 prize in the Ag-Mazing Challenge. There were so many fun activities to do that once you completed one, you wanted to go on to the next,” said one of the 20 winners, Deanna Brennecke of Decatur County. “With the state fair being canceled, the Iowa Farm Bureau found a fun-filled way to still showcase agriculture and reinforced the importance of ag to all of us.”

Additionally, 500 players won an exclusive “The Year of the Missing Corndog” t-shirt. Nearly 27,000 challenges were completed in the Ag-Mazing Challenge hosted on the GooseChase app. These challenges included activities like sharing a photo of a local grocery store meat counter and answering trivia questions about how animal protein powers your body (accepted answers: it promotes brain development, immunity strength, heart health, weight loss and strong bones and muscles).

“We’re excited to get back to Farm Bureau Park in 2021 and be able to interact with fair goers here in Iowa and across the nation,” said Evelyn George, IFBF marketing coordinator. “In the meantime, thank you to all who participated in the Ag-Mazing Challenge to learn more about how Iowa agriculture is leading the way in nourishing our bodies and caring for our environment."