Iowa Farm Bureau Federation disappointed in court ruling dealing blow to animal welfare, pork producers and families 

The Iowa Farm Bureau Federation (IFBF) is disappointed in the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) and National Pork Producer Council’s (NPPC) challenge of California’s Proposition 12. 

Today’s ruling upholds a law which bans the sale of pork from hogs that don’t meet the arbitrary production standards established by California, even if the hogs were raised outside of California.  The ability for one state to set the rules for the rest of the country will have many negative consequences impacting animal welfare, farmers and ultimately the grocery store bill for American families. 

While supporters of Proposition 12 claimed the measure would improve food safety and animal welfare, it ultimately fails to meet those goals.  Instead, the arbitrary standards take away the flexibility to promote animal welfare and ensure hogs are raised in a safe environment.  

Proposition 12 will have a far-reaching impact well beyond the borders of California, ultimately leading to higher prices at the grocery store for American families in all 50 states, not just Californians.”